Call for comments on the resignation of James Mattis

I am interested in better understanding the political stances of readers at Citizen Tom. I posted this comment over at Tom:

I’d be interested to hear yours and possibly other reader’s thoughts on the resignation letter of Secretary of Defense James Mattis
I have set up a thread on my site, as I do not want to take over Tom’s post here. 😉

Feel free to comment here

Call for comments on the resignation of James Mattis

3 thoughts on “Call for comments on the resignation of James Mattis

  1. Hi, Sorry I just saw this (and perhaps it’s too late to comment).
    Mattis was a great Secretary of Defense, and since my spouse was a military commander at the time, I was in a position to know. The US military hadn’t seen anything close to his level of competence in decades.
    His resignation letter was respectful, but understandable as Mattis probably built many human connections with the Kurds and folks against the Syrian government (it would be astounding if he didn’t, as it has been our foreign policy for many years). This put him in a bad position and he would rather resign than carry out a policy that feels like a personal betrayal. He seems to me a man of his word.
    I am of course speculating…but I’m speculating based on what I’ve observed of Mattis’ character, and so far I’ve read nothing to change my opinion.
    The assassination (from right wingers) on Mattis’ character following his resignation was disappointing to say the least….the satisfaction from the left misplaced in the extreme.


  2. Hi Liz,

    I only now realized that I got comments on my blog, sorry, that it took me so long. 😀

    From what I have seen, Mattis always struck me as a decent person. I share your sentiments on both the assassination from the right and the satisfaction from the left.


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