Call for comments on the resignation of James Mattis

I am interested in better understanding the political stances of readers at Citizen Tom. I posted this comment over at Tom:

I’d be interested to hear yours and possibly other reader’s thoughts on the resignation letter of Secretary of Defense James Mattis
I have set up a thread on my site, as I do not want to take over Tom’s post here. 😉

Feel free to comment here

Call for comments on the resignation of James Mattis

Reply to Citizen Tom

I posted this comment in reply to Tom, but his blog does not take kindly to images in comments. Here’s the comment with images:

@Citizen Tom

The so-called experts predicted Global Warming/Climate Change would be raising temperatures, melting the ice caps, and elevating sea levels by now. The polar bears are all supposed to be dead.

Open your eyes. Polar bears dead today is a strawman and you should know that. As for the rest.

Global temperature anomaly

ice caps:

For the modest increase of sea ice in the Antarctic over recent years see this article in ArsTechnica summarizing a recent paper

Pseudoskeptics used to point to the global sea ice cover, so lets have a look at that, too.

elevated sea levels:
From two thousand years ago to about 1850/1900 sea level rose by about 0.7 cm per century. During the 19th century sea level rose by about 6cm and during the 20th century it rose by about 19cm. Over the last decade we had a rate of about 30cm/century. Miami and other US costal cities have had a jump in nuisance floods (i.e. floods w/o storm) in recent years.

Given the above data, I have to ask you what you are talking about.

Reply to Citizen Tom